Maine Installations Ltd

About us:


Maine Installations was established in 1989 after its founders felt that the service provided by other

transport companies did not meet the expectations of customer satisfaction. So, Maine Installations was set

up to offer the service that other companies had forgotten to give.

Although we are not Copier/Printer engineers we have a vast knowledge of photocopiers and large format

printers. We are prepared to remove sorters, paper decks, and other peripherals to aid the easy movement

of your machines; this saves sending an engineer on site to carry out this job, the benefit to you is a saving

in time and resources. We also put back on what we take off!


Maine Installations aim is to make your life easier and hassle free. When we arrive at your customers we

can announce ourselves as your company representative to save confusion. As a professional company we wear a uniform to reflect this approach.


All vehicles are plain white with no advertising, so we do not promote any one product. Each vehicle is

equipped to carry out 75% of all installations without any problems or outside assistance. The average crew

of two men has at least four years experience with the equipment they are handling. Most of our work is

putting copier/printing machines where most transport companies would decline the job or incur increased


For most of our dealer clients we cover the complete decommission and re-commission of their machine

the only contact the dealer will have is if there is a problem, 99% of which are cleared up before we leave.

We will run test prints from the machine to ensure the quality is OK. This we have done for a number of

years, firstly to save your engineer time on non-productive re-site visits waiting for the equipment to be

delivered and secondly to cover us, and ensure that the equipment works on your delivery site. This way

you customer can guarantee the job is done right first time every time.


Since 2000 we have acquired storage and workspace in the Reading area. We do not charge for items on

short-term storage [items stored for one month or less]. Items stored for longer are charged at £7.00 per

week, per machine. Machines are wrapped marked and stored in customer sections. The normal charges

for storage are covered by our collection of the machine.


 Our area is your area; we have no limits to the area we cover. Most of our work is in the south of England,

Birmingham, South through to the English Channel, at this time we send a vehicle north most weeks,

through to Scotland. We take and collected machines into Europe, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and

France. This can be arranged for you if needed.


All Maine Installations Vehicles are equipped as follows:


Vehicle 3500kg Mercedes

Plain white, tail lift vehicles, Load lock strapping positions and carpet runners on three sides, Blankets,

Straps, Furniture ties, Cling wrap, Padding when needed.

250kg battery stair-walker, spare battery, Blocks, Plates, Boards, & Carpet boards.

Tool kits to cover most activities.



GIT insurance Public liability insurance and Employees liability insurance.

Health & Safety

As Maine Installations works on a variety of sites to cover all aspects of Health & Safety, we work with

your safety policy. This is to avoid causing disruption to any site we work on. If you think it necessary

please send a copy of your policy for our crews.



Two crewmen to each vehicle unless specified.

Uniforms are provided Blue T shirts, Blue trousers, Blue sweatshirts, Blue fleeces.

All training is on the job training due to the type of work; all crewmen are trained for a few months before they go out as a pair.

One member of the team has at least 12 months experience if not more.


Working day

Maine Installations Working day starts from Monday to Friday.

Normally from 07.00am in Reading until all jobs are completed.

Special Delivery and collection times can be arranged with prior notice.

The only time a delivery or collection can be guaranteed is if it is planned as a first job of the day.

Deliveries and collections can be made at weekends with prior notification and arrangement.



Maine installations can store your machines short term. The storage is heated & secure.

The charge is £7.00 per machine per week. The stored machines are wrapped ready for delivery.


Recycling & Waste

All waste / scrap machines are recycled after being broken down into their types metals / plastics / others.

The parts are sent to collective centres for recycling. Chemicals & toners are disposed of through Council

approved specialist