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Maine Installations are a long running photocopier movement specialists company who started back in 1989 when the founders, saw an opportunity to start a photocopier movement company that went the extra mile as they felt that the services provided by other transport companies did not meet the expectations of customers. 

We have a vast knowledge of all makes and models of machines and have worked for most leading manufacturers, and lots of independent dealers throughout the UK and Europe and although we are not engineers we are able to (if needed) strip and rebuild the machines to get them to their locations whether that be a simple roll in delivery to an office block or up a spiral staircase in a period building. Each van is equipped with everything needed to complete 99% of all movements, meaning we hardly ever have the need to revisit a site.

We don't have a set area that we cover, our area is your area whether that be London, Scotland or Europe we go where you need us at very completive rates. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote if you think we can be of assistance to you and your company.


Unit 2, The Furze, Dunt Avenue, Hurst, RG10 0SY

07736 974669 (office)

07831 563417 Nigel

07843 270225 Ashley


  • Collection 
  • Deliveries 
  • Relocations 
  • On site movements 
  • Recycling and waste
  • Storage


We cater for all your photocopier / printer delivery, collection, re-site and installation needs. We have experience of most photocopier manufacturers including Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Toshiba, Sharp Kyocera and Utax to name a few


Professional Photocopier Movements